Hi there, this is Konstantin

Hello internet

I am into

  • thinking hard and developing ideas (disguised as software engineering research and PhD)
  • breaking software (being a software testing professional with an industrial experience)
  • surfing, snowboarding, slacklining

I believe that

  • a person inside a car has the same importance as a person outside a car
  • digital devices will become more tactile; as of today, they do not measure up to how much we, humans, appreciate touch
  • we will find ways to represent the dynamic nature of a computer program statically
  • web design will be about design and not about tweaks
  • thoughts are tangible

People say about him

“He is every other inch a gentleman” RW

“The man is either mad, or he is making verses” H

“He is winding the watch of his wit; by and by it will strike” WS

My superpower

Ability to form a mental image of things intangible; in my mind I can visualize and manipulate almost anything tangible and intangible, including music, algorithms, movement of a planet, and, of course, just plain odd situations.

What is your superpower?

email me at future.zooming@gmail.com

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