Time to breathe

Don’t hold your breath anymore. InEx is a minimal Android app that will help you to track your breathing sessions and see how you progress with time.

InEx Android app

InEx is specifically designed with the Wim Hof Method1 (WHM) in mind, where you perform rounds of inhalations/exhalations followed by the retention of breath. The app is not limited to this method only and is applicable to the other breathing techniques of your liking.

Designed with a darker, low brightness styling – it can be comfortably used both during the day and night. The screen stays on during breathing sessions shielding your concentration. Simple graphs show how you progress over time and the details of each breathing session.

The button for stopwatch and time display are big and provide subtle touch feedback (when breathing you can be dizzy so it’s easier to find big buttons).

InEx has a built-in autosave feature for the stopwatch – it saves your retention times automatically. And, of course, later you can study and modify the numbers.

The app is 100% free. No ads. No tracking.2 I developed this app for myself and for people like me who appreciate simple and non-intrusive design. It’s my pleasure to share it with you. Enjoy!

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P.S: if you have any ideas about the app you’d like to share, here’s a simple form for you. I read all the feedback.

Example of using InEx with the Wim Hof routine

  1. Do your Wim-style inhalations/exhalations.
  2. When you start to hold your breath, tap on the screen (use “Tap to start”) – the stopwatch has started recording your retention time.
  3. When you finish the retention and inhale, tap on the screen again to pause the stopwatch.

These three steps correspond to one round of the Wim Hof routine. To start a new round, tap “New round”. Whatever has been recorded before you press “New round” is saved automatically.


What to do if I accidentally recorded a round? How do I edit/delete a round?

  1. From the Today Tab of the main screen pick a date.
  2. Then press circular button with a graph icon to view the corresponding session.
  3. Tap on the bar of a chart that you would like to edit/delete.
  4. Adjust the time or set it to 00:00 to delete the round.

Reviews and Coffees

If you like the app (honestly) and find it useful, feel free to get me a cup of coffee (I love coffee). With enough coffee I’ll stay up late at night and implement new features. I promise. Buy Me a Coffee at ko-fi.com

  1. InEx is in no way associated with InnerFire BV 

  2. Consult the privacy policy and terms and conditions