Look for yourself

1 minute read

Taking care of yourself is difficult, especially in the present. If you feel good, you don’t want to do anything to yourself. If you feel bad – you don’t want to do anything either. No responsibility required.

What one can do, though, is to take care of her future self. This is easier, but you must care for what your “future you” will become.

Try to see your “future you”. It may start as simple as by noticing old people around you. With little imagination you understand that if you’re lucky, you’ll get old. And there are consequences to it.

You notice, for instance, old people rubbing their knees before standing up. With years knees get more load as leg muscles weaken. At some point knees start to complain. They hurt, they get damaged, they give up.

You put this picture in your head and you ask yourself – what can I do to postpone this? What can I do today?

And you know the answer. Every day, on every occasion you have, you will look for an opportunity. Unconsciously. You will look for an opportunity to give your legs some exercise.

Now you take stairs, you look for opportunities to walk. This has become your responsibility to yourself. You are taking care.

What is the next selfish step? You may look for other “future things” or “future people” you care about. What can you do today to take care of them, of your future?